How To Dress As A True Lolita?

We know that you have quantity of choices when you are going to wear a lolita suit, because there are many different lolita styles. However, if you want to be more professional in this field and wear more correctly, you need to remember some basic rules when matching a lolita suit.

First, the whole suit should keep in the same style. In other words, you’d better not wear a Gothic lolita one-piece dress with a pair of pink and cute socks, which is really weird and not appropriate. If you are going to wear as sweet lolita, then all the accessories, from hats to shoes, should match with the theme.

Second, undergarments are necessary. One of unique features of lolita dresses is the bell-shaped skirt. There are several undergarments you can choose. Petticoat is always a good choice, which can cater to all your requests. If you want your skirt to look fluffier, organza A-line or layered ruffles lace petticoat is a good choice. If you want thin and cool one, then you can choose fishbone lolita crinoline. Another advantage of petticoat is that you can alternate the length of it according to your lolita dresses.

Another choice of undergarment is lolita trousers, which is quite different from normal trousers. They are usually short and are bloomers with layred ruffles lace. They may not have the same effect to build a bell-shaped skirt, but they are more daily used and can keep lolitas from awkward situations, such as the skirt is blown up in the breeze.

Third, lolita dresses can’t be complete without socks and tights, which could maintain lolitas modesty. Knee high and kneecap below socks are popular. But different lolita styles usually have some fixed matches. Gothic and Punk lolita would prefer black or dark socks, classic lolita would choose vintage white or creamy white socks, while sweet lolita have more colorful options, such as pink, light blue and purple ones with cute prints.

Fourth, not all the shoes are suitable for lolita fashion. We have introduced lolita shoes in last blog, so you can read About Lolita Shoes, You Have More Choices!

Fifth, wear head accessories. There so many pretty head accessories for lolita, such as headbands, combs, clips and hats, which must be featured with lolita ornaments like bows, lace, feather and ruffles. Head accessories are not so obvious like other part of lolita fashion, but they also very essential to make lolita look more innocent and modest.

Sixth, put on other lolita accessories. Take a little sweet bag is usually necessary, because you can put keys, phone and make-ups. About umbrella, you can take it to keep yourself away from sunshine and rain. Cute glasses make you look wise and sense. There are also multiple jewelries making you glowing.

Finally, proper make-up is very important to lolita fashion. Delicate rather than exaggerated make-up is more appropriate for lolita fashion.

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