How to wear for Christmas?

Special days are worth a special look: how do you dress for Christmas to look perfect?

We have a style guide for you, where you can learn all, yes, all the perfect looks for Christmas parties.

Think about the magical atmosphere of Christmas, lunches and dinners with friends and family, feasts for parties, Christmas trees decorated with lights and Michael bubler’s music…How wonderful would it be if every day were Christmas?

We women have a common understanding! That’s why we want all of these events to be perfect — especially when we’re with his family — and because of that, whether we’re spending Christmas at home or in a restaurant, we don’t want to ignore any of the details, especially our Christmas look!

You must be wondering, what is the best Christmas lady look?

So, whether it’s Christmas Eve waiting for the countdown to midnight to exchange blessings and gifts (and by the way, have you read our Christmas gift guide for her and him?)Or on Christmas day, our advice is to always wear something special.

Another tip is not to ignore the rule of dress for the perfect body type: trust that you get compliments!

Get inspired by the Christmas look we recommend for different occasions, whether it’s at your own home, being invited to someone else’s house, or even planning a trip and finding a Christmas style suitcase!

Christmas lunch (or dinner) outside

Choose elegant items for Christmas lunch or dinner at a restaurant.

High-heeled pumps and long, tight dresses are attractive and appropriate for the occasion without being too sexy.

Christmas at home

A noble red or white dress will be the best choice. If you want a comfortable and romantic holiday at home, then choose a Christmas sweater, warm and soft, and maybe steal one from him to wear.

Twist or Christmas print sweaters, not only fit the theme but are stylish: a loose-fitting pullover – or maybe a skirt – is the most fashionable look this winter, you know?

See how to match the best look!

The company’s Christmas dinner

The job dinner party that spends with colleague chooses contracted guileless but fashionable modelling.

Cat heels, sneakers, or oxfords are great for party situations, but they’re also very professional.

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