How To Wear Slip Dress in Chic And Fashionable Look?

We said we can’t have all clothes but choose the classic ones. Today Milanoo will talk you about another chic and fashionable clothes-slip dress. Slip dress is transformed from slip, which is usually regarded as sleepwear for women. It first became widely worn in the last decade of the 20th century, as part of the underwear-as-outerwear trend. Then it has been in the vogue till today. Milaoo is going to share four most stylish way to wear a slip dress with you.

#1 Wear It As It Is

The simplest way to wear slip dress is only dressing it up without other clothes. Inspired by lingerie, slip dress is super hot and sexy. Silky fabrics such as satin looks and feels sensual to the eye and touch. Lace details and spaghetti straps are also part of this killer combo. You can wear it to any occasions, like night club, semi-formal party and fashion activities.

slip dresses

#2 Casual and Cool Style

How to wear a slip dress in a cool way is not a tough problem. Finding a shirt in bright color and tying it around your waist is all you have to do. The color of the dress and shirt should better be in a contrast, so it will make you more unique and special.

slip dresses with shirts

#3 Retro Style

Wearing a t-shirt under the dress always reminds me of the “90’s”. It also will be a good choice to layer the dress on a turtleneck when it is cold. This style is chic and effortless for most women. You can always change its look by changing a different t-shirt.

slip dresses with t-shirt

#4 Layered outside

We said putting t-shirts and turtleneck under slip dresses is playful and cool. Layering the dress a coat outside is also easy and stylish. Putting a cool leather jacket or a boyfriend blazer on the slip dresses will make you totally different.

slip dresses with jackets
slip dresses with jackets

After introducing you four different styles about the slip dress. You may find that only make some little changes and you will wear it in totally different styles.

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