How to Wear Your Darling Wigs

Hairstyles, the very emotional decisions, really matter a lot in ladies’ daily life. One hairstyle means one special emotion. To change your emotions or attitudes for life, then, wearing wigs is the convenient, direct and quick way. It is really a way of enjoying fun and fashion styles. In last post, all of you know that we have a special wig sale for many valuable giveaways. Here, we’d like to share some tips for wearing wigs.

Wearing the hairnet to wrap your hair for wig’s blending

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1. Hold the hairnet in your hands with the opening facing you, and wrap your hair in the net from the top of your head.

2. Gently widen the opening to make sure the net wraped your hairs completely.

3. Pull the rest of the hair net over the back of your head, and fit it over your ears or behind them as long as your hairline is hidden.

4. Check if your hair is wrapped in a perfect way outside of your hairline and make sure the your hairs fit snugly

Wearing your wigs

1. Comb the wigs before wearing them.

2. Adjust the wigs right for your own head circumference by the buckle design. Then, fixed the wigs and platten down the two protuberant part in the right and left of your head symmetrically in case of making your fringe natural in the right place.

3. Spray some special wig care liquid, and comb your wigs into what you want to be. Loose curly or tidy stright or neat bang styles, you name it, and make it.

We really hope you can know and  benefit the above points. Milanoo wishes you have special hairstyles in your life. 


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