Kimono-You Should Have One in This Summer

The kimono usually means a traditional Japanese garment, which Japanese would wear in special and formal event. However, it is more likely to refer a thin coat in floral print without buttons and zip on it nowadays. As a coat, kimono is really useful, especially in summer. Today Milanoo is going to share the ideas about wearing kimonos in fashionable ways.

kimonos for women

#1 Must-Have Item for Holiday

When we go for a holiday, we always want to show the most beautiful side of us. Beautiful dresses are always our first choice. But when you dress up a sexy crop top with short jeans in a casual look, a colorful kimono will make you stand out. The pretty floral print in bright colors or mysterious geometric print in black and white will turn your casual normal look into special match in a cozy way.


Besides, when you go to beach in sexy bikinis, you will also need a kimono. It can not only help your body keep from burning by hot sunshine, but also keep you warm after swimming in water.

kimonos for beach

#2 Cover-up for Chill Office

Summer is usually hot. But in most northern countries, it may not be hot all the time. When you are working in chill office, the kimono is the best cover-up. It is light and comfortable. You will not feel airtight with it.


#3 Turn into Dresses in a Minute

Kimono is not just a cover-up. With a belt, it can become a beautiful dress in a second. Just wrap it around your body in a chic way and use a belt to fix the style. Then you can get a new dress.

kimono dresses

After the introduction of kimono, you may find it is very useful and effortless. So why not choose a good one for yourself?


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