Let’s say Happy 11th birthday to Milanoo

Time flies, and with the arrival of summer, Milanoo has ushered in a new birthday. In the long river of the years, Milanoo is constantly growing and making progress. Of course, the most important thing is that everyone’s love and support cannot be separated. To celebrate Milanoo’s 11th birthday, the 11th anniversary sale is on the line now. So I will bring you a new batch of summer recommendations, hoping to pass the joy of mianoo to everyone.

The first thing I want to recommend is a long dress. Summer is full of enthusiasm. When I first saw this dress, I was attracted by its color. Half red and half blue design, just like half sea and half flame, cool and warm in the free conversion.

The second one I recommend is cosplay of One Piece. Mialnoo has always been doing a great job in cosplay. Our cosplay costumes are very comprehensive and with good quality, including Japanese manga, American comics, games, of course have been recognized by everyone in the cosplay range.

The third is a pair of wedding high heels. I especially like the high heels of this lace upper, and the pink design adds sweetness. Wedding is one of the most important moments of every bride’s life. Milanoo’s wedding dress has witnessed the tears of many brides’ happiness. And we will always be with everyone.

The fourth piece is an evening dress. The pink evening dress with lace accents will definitely make you the most eye-catching in the party. The prom will be wonderful because of it.Would you expect him to come over and invite you to dance at the center of the prom?

The fifth one, I recommend it to gentlemen. No clothes can make a boy look elegant like a suit. But if you can add some fashionable elements to your elegant colleagues, it will make you look very different. This blazer can not be too formal in life, not too casual in the office, it’s a good choice.

The last one is the evening dress I especially like. The red is very dazzling, with floral accents, elegant and at the same time, it will definitely focus on the party’s gaze. Have you noticed the details? The position of the neckline is the element of the Chinese cheongsam. The whole red is also very Chinese, perfectly blending the charm of oriental culture.


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