Lolita Fashion New Styles

Lolita is an attitude and girls who love lolita dresses always keep a young and sunny heart. Life is hard and yes, Lolita is always a sweet dream. So, why not fall in love with lolita fashion?

There are so many different lolita styles for fans, such as sweet lolita, gothic lolita, classic lolita as well as punk lolita etc. As time goes on, there are more and more new styles of lolita fashion come out and some are really so nice and favorable, such as QI Lolita and Wedding Lolita.

Wedding Lolita Dress
Wedding Lolita Dress

I believe that every lolita fan girl has a dream that she would wear a very fancy cute wedding dress in her big day. And with this new style “wedding dress lolita” comes, this may definitely be their nice choice for their fantastic wedding party. Wedding Style lolita dress is always with the cute elements such as lace, and bows , which add much fantasy and romantics to the whole looking. And surely, a pretty wedding veil and flower bouquet are indispensable.

Referring to the Qi Lolita dress, this style is developed from the Chinese cheongsam. Qi lolita dresses are always with high-waistline, covering your body in a nice figure, exposing the gentle and beauty of girls. Different from the Wedding style lolita dress which is pure white and without any prints on, QI Lolita dress are always with various prints pattern, such as the dragon, landscape as well as Blossom Print etc, and the dragon print are most popularly used, after all, qi lolita is deriving from the Chinese cheongsam. And dragon, is a symbol of China.

QI Lolita dress
QI Lolita dress

Many lolita fans love these two new styles, especially for wedding lolita dress. I think maybe it is true that girls who are lolita fans all hold a romantic dream that one day they could be so cute in their Big day as she usually was, in lolita wonderland. And you?  If you are also a lolita fan and would like to discuss more about lolita fashion, why not join our facebook lolita fashion clothing fanpage and become our fans?

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