Look for inspiration for summer 2019

Weather is getting hotter and hotter , it is a good time that shows your legs again, of course first choice still is short skirt for
showing legs. If you want to enjoy summer, you should see tide people how to deal with the most beautiful short skirt.

The cowboy short skirt

Based bull-puncher skirt, and plaid shirt match can be said to be a lot of people in the summer of the most common collocation, length is in knee above a lot of bull-puncher skirt around the hips and super thin legs, wear a shirt, not firm, while he just is to massage, to increase the handsome feeling, also can learn to Europe and the United States little sister bind high-heeled shoes, super show long legs!

Jean short skirt is worn every year take medium classical money, the bull-puncher short skirt of double lubricious joining together looks more show vigor, take plaid shirt to be able to be very summer, in order to highlight relaxed feeling, the design that chooses hole to dig on jacket has window more.

Leather skirt

What skirts look good in summer?Short leather skirt is also a very common way to open it, super short leather skirt with ankle boots is handsome, wear black leather skirt, belt collocation is a highlight, all black skirt, skirt cutting is the key to the sense of fashion, the side knitting design is more fashionable.

Green short paragraph leather skirt, this year green is very popular really, green skirt and black and white wait for color collocation to be very cool, show vigor very much.

The leather skirt that takes zip design, short money leather skirt also can be worn when early summer, take crop jacket and tie belt shoe, street feeling is very, gules leather skirt adds coat of candy color to be more suction eyeball, say summer is about to wear a dot to have color, bold collision also does not matter!

Fishtail skirt

The fishtail skirt that falbala joining together designs, irregular drape lets skirt outfit have window more, before short hind grows asymmetric design to also be able to highlight leg to grow super, build pointy toe shoe is to add cent for beautiful leg more.

Plaid skirt

Grey plaid skirt, every have sheet is tasted, flank bind belt design is window, build the white t that takes design of dot design is very summer, exceed relaxed.Look even better with a blazer and ankle boots.

Joining together short skirt

The short skirt that joining together material designs, match as good-looking as chromatic stripe jacket, a few kinds of different color joining together more show individual character, give a street to turn head rate up!

Short dress

The dress with a bit shorter also is to show leg one big main force of the class, the skirt with a bit of length below knee, suit to reveal crus curve most, the sister with good-looking crus leg can choose this one, gules cake skirt adds small 100 flowers to still be very romantic.

The dress of little foreign outfit design, collect the design of waist a word skirt, match coat to build the effect that next garment is missing, skirt place just obscure ham root, sex appeal makes public, it is the god implement of big long leg absolutely, summer chooses classical red to be more enthusiastic like fire, add printing to be more highlight vigor, serve as vacationing sheet to taste it is to upstage more.

The shirt skirt of fishtail design, skirt place is the design of flabby leaf edge that opens, just cover buttock, have very good Tibet flesh effect, still can raise waist line at the same time, shorten the proportion of upper body, loose skirt outfit design also is very recreational, before pea green is to let a person shine at the moment more in summer.

The dress of geometrical design, simple clipping adds joining together of a few kinds of color to build a fashionable and easy sense, the style is contracted more be able to bear or endure to see, athletic wind of composition of big sneaker and short coat is to show vigor more.


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