What Are the Must-Have Makeups in 2018?

Most women love makeup since they were little girls. Makeup is magical. It can help people highlight their features and cover the defects on their face. To be more beautiful is an internal topic for human beings. Cosmetic is the easiest way to achieve it. If you want to put on a perfect make up, then you need good cosmetics and tools. Today Milanoo will show you some good cosmetics and tools at affordable prices.

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#1 Eye Shadow

Eyes are the most attractive part on our face, which can express many emotions. So putting on pretty eyes’ makeup is an important part for your whole makeup. Eye shadows are necessary makeup to highlight your eyes. No matter what kind of look you want, eye shadow will make it more gorgeous. If you want to be sexy and hot, put on purple and red mixing shadow. The ground color can be daily used for work and formal occasions. Pink and other light colors can give you a sweet and cute look.

78-Color Eye Shadow/ Blusher/Bronzers Make-Up

#2 Eye Liners

To put on a perfect eyes’ makeup, except eye shadow, good eye liner is also necessary. It will make your eyes more energetic. And it is a key point to help you make different styles, like sexy, virgin, sweet and so on.

Eyeliner Makeup Set Black Waterproof Eyeliner Cream

#3 Lipsticks

I must say women are all loving lipsticks. It is the first cosmetic that adolescent girls are allowed to wear. It is also the only cosmetic you can put on when you have no time for others. Why women like it? Some researchers have presented an idea that lipstick makes women more sexually attractive to men because it subconsciously echoing the color of her vaginal lips. It is not important whether the idea is right. All we need to know is that women can live without lipsticks.

12 Colors Lipstick

#4 Makeup Brushes

There is no doubt good makeup needs good makeup tools. Makeup brushes are necessary to create a gorgeous look.  How to define a good brush? First, it should be soft, so it won’t hurt our face skin. Second, it won’t lose any hair. You don’t want to clean your face after makeup. Third, the shape is right for doing makeup. There are so many brushes and each of them has different function.

Portable Makeup Brush Unicorn Design Rainbow Color Fine Fiber 10 Piece


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