Men’s Winter Fashion Trends 2016

Like each year’s popular fashion trends existed, there are various trends for Men’s winter fashion 2016. Hoodies, Knitted overcoat, leather jackets, parka jacket and trench coat, etc.  Each style has its special features and reveals a different looking and feeling for men. One may love a a style very much or could have different tasts for various styles, just depend on the actual occasion to attend. So, for men, what’s your favorite style for winter fashion?  🙂 Let’s discuss!


When mentioning “Hoodies“, we always have a word “leisure style” jumping out of our head. Hoodies are quite easy going with any styled of pants, either for a pair of casual pants or jeans.


Imagine that, when having a dating with your girl friend. The couple hoodies is such a perfect choice, since this is not just so cute but easy to wear and convenient for any outdoor sports.


Knitted Overcoat

This is also a leisure style for men, for those who prefer to wear un-formal clothing, knitted Overcoat is a nice choice. With somewhat a Punk style looking, knitted men’s coat is always giving the men who wearing this style, a very chic and a Literary and artistic looking. Men could wear it on different occasion, such as attending a party with friends, go shopping with your girl friends etc. Compared with hoodies, knitted overcoat could have a more wide range for men to wear, since in a viewpoint of me, hoodies fits for young men, while knitted overcoat do not have any limitation for ages, that’s is to say, either for a teenagers or business man, or even middle aged men, knitted coat is a nice choice for them.

Knitted Men's Overcoat
Knitted Men’s Overcoat


Leather Jackets

This is more a man-looking, which gives a very cool experience of men, who wear such a jacket. Besides for the common leather jacket we always saw (see below)

Men's Leather Jacket
Men’s Leather Jacket

This year, we saw some new styles about this jacket which is with faux fur around the collar, which adds more arrogance and coolness to the whole looking, just like this. We call it Faux fur leather jacket/coat.

Faux fux jacket
Faux fux jacket

Don’t you think this is much more cool than those leisure style overcoats for men? 🙂

Parka Jacket

This is a very common style for men to wear in winter days. Not only for its comforts but also for its popularity. Parka Jacket is an easy going apparel in different occasions. For work, party or outdoors, parka jacket is one of your best choice.  Some are with hoodies while some are without. You can select your favorite style according to your own taste and preference. In my opinion, hoodies is not only a decoration but more warm to wear, esp for the snowing or windy days. While for the pants, matching this style could be better to choose a pair of jeans. Just like this:

Parka Coat
Parka Coat

Trench Coat

When talking about “trench coat”, we always think about the material “woolen”. This is business type coat, which fits for tall men better. Matching it with a Shirt or a simple designed sweater are both okay. Trench coat make men look more handsome and graceful. Please don’t forget to add an exquisite necktie when wearing a cool handsome trench coat, which adds more handsome to the whole looking, esp for those business men, who are going to attend some important formal meeting or attending some formal occasions.

Men's Black Pockets Trench Coat
Men’s Black Pockets Trench Coat

So, what’s your favorite winter fashion style? Just stylish and keep a cool looking, guys 🙂

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One thought on “Men’s Winter Fashion Trends 2016

  1. My favorite style for winter is definitely hoodies. Like you said, they’re cute and easy to wear and convenient. It’s nice to have a hood handy as well.


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