Milanno Grows by Word-of-mouth Recommendation

Due to fast development of internet era and social media, customers have been playing a dominant role in the marketplace and wielding an increasing influence on enterprises. When an enterprise intends to survive market competition and develop smoothly for long, it is indispensable for it to afford customers the highest degree of satisfaction once they choose its products or service. Only by  doing so can it attract and hold more customers. Meanwhile, customers are becoming increasingly responsive to high quality products and service, and interactions among different customers or between customers and merchants have been more and more frequent. In such “we-media” era, if a product or a brand is of high quality and excellent service, it can be advertised among customers by word-of-mouth recommendation, helping it survive and develop even under keen competition in the market. As a global B2C e-commerce company dealing with clothing, Milanoo can stand out as an example who has been developing rapidly by virtue of word-of-mouth recommendation among customers.

Since its establishment in 2008, Milanno has been endeavoring to boost its product quality and price competitiveness, with an aim to commanding a market slice worldwide. Thanks to its efforts in this regard, it have established its reputation among more and more customers by word-of-mouth recommendation, and it has gained wide recognition on Milanno’s official facebook, tumblr and youtube pages. What’s more, Milanno has always boasted a good performance on major overseas third-party commentary platforms, such as, Within Milanno’s official website, a multitude of pictures and comments pertaining to products from customers are there presenting their own opinions on products, which can no doubt serve as a persuasion power to convince other customers.

In such internet era, customers are more and more willing to show themselves and air their ideas and opinions. They have gradually become a major part to participate in products’ design and feedback. As Milanoo has always ensured its product quality and followed such service principle as “we deliver smiles”, some regular customers upload many pictures and a lot of videos as well onto YouTube to express their satisfaction towards milanoo’s products.

We believe, good reputation and support from customers originate from Milanoo’s quality products and service, and they can also serve as a driving force to encourage and prompt Milanoo to forge ahead. Within the past 5 years, Milanoo has commanded a sea of praise from customers. Such feedback can not only render more and more customers to get a clearer picture of MIilanoo, but also attract more and more customers to try and trust Milanoo, which can boost Milanoo’s development in the future.

Once you want to know Milanoo better, please log onto to check more comments, or visit and input “milanoo review”,you can take a close look at all comments from worldwide customers.

Milanoo will as always adhere to “customer-oriented” principle and safeguard customers’ interest. Only by so doing can it win customers’ trust and distinguish itself in global market.

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