Milanoo BOUTIQUE——Say goodbye to shipping cost and duties

Good news! Purchase items from Milanoo’s new overseas warehouse for free shipping and duty free. Many customers for overseas shopping have the experience of having no choice but to give up an item of high duty, even higher than item’s price.
Milanoo regret this situation and begin to seek solutions in the line with the concept of customer orientation and for the purpose of offering better shopping experience. Finally, Milaoo decide to set up overseas warehouse. After one-year’s preparation of market research and site construction in 2015, Milanoo Boutique run online and operate in January, 2016.
Milanoo’s overseas warehouse is located in Paris, France so European customers will enjoy shopping with free shipping and duty free. All items are for high quality and shipped within 24 hours from Monday to Friday and are available to return and exchange in 14 days.
It has been more than half a year and business lines are developing of Milanoo Boutique for women’s clothing,shoes,bags,belts and kids’ clothing. All items are for careful selection and strict quality control so rest assured to have a happy shopping. Milanoo Boutique is available for shopping from nine countries including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium, Portugal,Austria and the UK.

Milanoo boutique
Congratulate if you are in the nine counties above but don’t worry if not. Milanoo will constantly improve our products and develop service areas to offer faster and better services as our service concept.
We are firmly convinced of a better future!


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