Milanoo Brand Protection, we are sincere…

Milanoo has so many Exclusive wedding&occasion dresses which have been stolen by other merchants for commercial purpose. Here I would like to point out 4 obvious ones which have been widely shared by fans in multiple social sites, meanwhile being stolen seriously by so many stores, ID: 466429, 466423, 466425, 466435  , there are more but i just would like to take these as an example to show you the truth.

They have no idea about the design manuscript (but we have, since we made have the design idea, so we made the manuscript, we also made the photography, and that’s why they are called “Milanoo Exclusive“)


The original manuscript
The original manuscript

They do not own the photography copyright, do not have the right manufacturer. So, what they did? They just stole the photos online <even without any photoshop, our watermark “Milanoo” still stays there, i believe this is really a joke…>, marked it with such a low price as a big bait (far away from it should be, the craftwork, the material etc) then randomly find a low factory to make the dress, or much worse, they just scam your money, then disappear. They spent nothing, so why they should care anything?

Infringing link of our wedding dress
Infringing link of our wedding dress, Milanoo Logo stays…

So, this is not hard to understand why you bought a wedding dress online which seems so cheap, however it turns out to be such a bad quality.

To help people purchase the original design and high quality wedding dress and also in order to protect our brand and copyright, we have tried a lot, including privately contacting with these infringing links owners for several times. However, they just ignore our messages and pretended to be blind, which really pissed us off. Finally we turned to the authoritative organization called DMCA (which provides content protection) for help and with their professional take down service,  finally these infringing links have been removed down these products.  So I believe that customers will be safer when purchasing wedding&occasion dresses.

Milanoo Brand Protection
Milanoo Brand Protection

Surely there are just a small part of the infringing links that we have found and already claimed. I am sure that there are more which we have not found. But customers could take a look for Milanoo Model Center  for all the models that we have signed the contract with. Click each model’s name, you’ll see the photos that we photographed and those, are with the copyright owned by Milanoo. If you found these photos on other sites outside of Milanoo. Then be careful since they just take the photos from us (even without the Milanoo Logo removed), then randomly set up the price… Just do not get the risk by placing an order there, since you’ll not expect what will happen.

I’m sorry if this video seems a little bit obscure for you, just check the video in our Youtube channel and there are more…

Milanoo Brand Protection, we are sincere. Just Be With Us!

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