Launches Golden Egg Game on August 9th

Shopping for back-to-school essentials can be expensive – especially if you’re buying for an entire family. At, we are dedicated to saving you money by bringing you the very best fashion at amazing prices. To coincide with our Back-To-School sale, we have launched an additional promotion that will give you the opportunity to save even more money on all your family’s back-to-school needs.

Beginning on August 9th, there will be a Golden Egg Game featured on our website. Each customer will be allowed to crack just one golden egg. When the egg is cracked, a code will be revealed. Customers will then enter their code on’s Facebook Fan Page to be entered into a drawing for prizes. Twenty winners will be selected to will be selected via a random drawing on August 31st, 2011 and will be notified via e-mail.

To play the game, just click here. It will take you to the page where the game is located. Once you arrive at the promotional page for the Golden Egg Game, you will be prompted to enter your e-mail address for your chance to win. Select your egg to crack. Copy and paste the code that is revealed to you in the designated area of our Facebook Fan Page ( Then stay tuned on August to find out if you are among the twenty lucky winners!



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