Offers Creative Video Advertisements that Widens Your Mind

In the age when information explosion and content marketing becoming more prepotent, the influence of video advertisements cannot be sniffed at if a company or brand wants to be popular. Creative advertisements can not only promote and popularize new products and brands, but also bring a visual treat to audiences. Let’s go ahead to share a few special creative video advertisements.

Ghd advertisement:

This ad is quite classy. At some point, it builds the most domineering Cinderella. Cinderella is taking part in a grand medieval banquet at the first scene of the ad. With the strike of the midnight, her gorgeous dress up and make-up are losing the charm. She ran into a changing room in a hurry with desperation. However, at the moment she saw Ghd hair curler, she smiled with confidence which makes audiences know immediately that a magic turnaround will begin.

Zalando adversitement:

A group of fashionable women are talking about the shoes they recently bought which looks like that they are having an afternoon tea. But, who knows they just experienced a bank robbery and had been the hostage. Do you want to know what will happen if bothering the women in shopping mall? Let’s see the video to find out.

Milanoo advertisement:

Indoorsmen, would you hold yourselves when face a sexy Catwoman on a horror and passionate Holloween night? Let’s see how Milanoo guards himself magically. The first seconds of the ad mainly want to create a strange and ambiguous ambiance. The highlights of the ad lays in the last seconds. So, you need to watch the full video to know the story.

Thailand Mood underwear advertisement:

The shocking underwear advertisement is very creative, and at the same time, it tallies with the national conditions of Thailand. When the truth appears at last, it not only makes audience laugh, but also make them know the attraction of Mood underwears. The ad is very convincing. It is believeable that Mood underwear will become polular in the girls who are not that confident with their breasts.


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