Milanoo Creative Videos Bring Customers Closer

In network information age, convenient and fast network has overturned people’s lift style. Internet makes life easier than before. People can cooperate with each other to accomplish things without meeting. However, at the same time, the cordial feeling of face to face communication is missed. Anyhow,it seems that video can bring people closer. As a transnational online clothing site which focuses on fashion and customer experience, Milanoo adopted creative video contents to get closer and show the real look of Milanoo to customers.

Early in 2012, Milanoo has opened its enterprise channel on YouTube and continuously uploaded videos. In July of this year, in order to show the overall situation of the company to its customers, Milanoo launched its first trailer on YouTube which truly shows its office, work environment, main product and service teams. If you want to know more about Milanoo, don not miss the short film.

After the first trailer, Milanoo launched two video clips for this year’s Halloween. Don’t Overdress on Halloween Party, Or……, which was uploaded three weeks ago, reached more than 7k page views and got more than 100 comments on YouTube because of its unique creation, provocative plot and emotion.

The latest video published by Milanoo, Turn a Beauty from Zombie,tells the astonishing change of a zombie after accidently finding makeup. As high quality makeup will bring a lot of joy to every woman, the story ending will give the audience an unlimited surprise. Except the plot, another highlight of the video is that the actress is one of Milaoo staff. That reason why Milanoo uniquely chose its staff to play the lead in the film is that Milanoo not only want to present the staff charisma of the company but also let customers know that the service they got is offered by Milanoo staff who are beautiful and pursuing beauty and fashion. The highlight of the video is at the end, so, you need to watch until the end.

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