Milanoo Exclusive Wedding Dress’ Making Process –You know?

As a bride, you always hope to own an exclusive, most beautiful wedding dress. A fitted and elegant bridal gown really can show bride’s beauty at her big day. However, how many people know the back story of making a wedding dress?

Milanoo exclusive wedding dresses are very popular in many countries and regions like Brazil, Europe, America and Australia etc. Why? The most important point is Milanoo always cares of customers’ requirement. She hopes to make a perfect wedding dress for every client. Today Kerry will introduce the back story of making a wedding dress, including design, making process in the factory, check the sample, invite Milanoo’s models to take products images, and make a real one according to clients’ body size.

1. The first step of making a wedding dress is design. Milanoo has a professional wedding dress designer – Miss Gou who has ten years’ wedding dress design experience. The designer will design a wedding dress through drawing wedding dress manuscript according to the trends of wedding dresses. Let’s look a wedding dress manuscript of Miss Gou. Is that beautiful?


2. After finishing the manuscript, we will send it to the factory and tell them some details. Now our factory will begin to produce this dress carefully. Here are many small steps of making it, like solid tailoring, pleating, applique, beading and so on. You can get more info about how it works through watch a video we took before on YouTube.

3. Once this dress has been completed; the factory will send it back to Milanoo. After receiving it, we will invite our models to wear it and check whether there are some details need to be modified. If there are some details don’t meet designer’s requirement, we will send it back to factory and ask them to give a change.

4. When the sample is completed perfectly, it’s time to invite our models to take product pictures. Through models’ display. You can know many details of this dress, including its style, its details, its fabric etc. Here is the real product which is displayed by our model of that manuscript. It’s very elegant, right?


5. If you love this dress, you can place an order. Before ordering, you should tell us your specific body size which includes figure, Shoulder Width, Nipple to Nipple, Bust, Waist, Arm Length, Hip. In addition, once you want to change some details that you don’t like, you can tell us, we will make your exclusive wedding dress according to your requirement.


Now you know the whole process of making a wedding dress? Make Milanoo wedding dress meet you at your most beautiful day.

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