Milanoo is not just for business…

When talking about the tagline “Passion for Fashion”, you’ll react the brand “Milanoo” as the answer in your mind. Yes, “Passion for Fashon” has been for our tagline for about 8 yes from the very beginning.

Milanoo is an Ecommerece enterprise, providing fashion products to over 180 countries of customers, including Wedding and Occasion dresses, Women’s Fashion, Men’s Fashion, as well as Cosplay Costumes and Lolita fashion, etc. We have been in this business area for about more than 8yrs and what we accumulated do not only include more and more customers, but more rich is the better service concept. Milanoo is not just living for business, but for belief and love.

We respect each customer and are always do our best to make them satisfied, even that we could not get this 100%. We are trying to be more real to our customers who are in the other side of the internet by recording real videos, showing our real face, our products as well as more details about manufacturing, packing and shipping. We are spreading love with our hearts, so customers could feel us more closely and authentically. We made warmhearted videos about wedding atmosphere and sent them as a cherish gift to our customers  who have purchased any wedding dresses here, for their beautiful memories.

As we stated, we are not living for business but for love and trust. So we have been trying our best to be together with our deal customers and providing more than the products, so they could feel us, touch us and experience us, more intimately. So, this time, we are producing a warmhearted gift, which will be quite useful and also cute for people and we put it in the packages so customers could get it. What is that? Guess?

Yes, this is a very very cute and useful bookmarker

Milanoo Bookmarker
Milanoo Bookmarker

What you saw on it? It is cuteness and creativity, right? The panda patter is a hand drawing , done by our designers while on the back side, there are different versions of “thank you” and this also express our deep love and appreciations to our dear customers. Thanks Giving is in the corner and it is just the time that we need to say “thank you” sincerely! Moreover, you’ll find a coupon code, with a 10% off. And this is for customers who would like to make a next order and they could use them get an extra discount. With a practicability, creativity and cuteness, we hope customers would love this smart gift, meanwhile, experience the sincerity and love from Milanoo.

We will definitely do our best to provide better service, not only limited in real products, but love.

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