Milanoo is Offering the Hottest Kigurumi Costumes

The new Kigurumi costumes are here at Milanoo’s shopping store, right on the eve of Halloween. Kigurumi is the Japanese name for costume wearing performers who represent the cartoon characters and animals. Make the most of the exciting offers at with the unique and extraordinary Kigurumi costumes for kids as well as adults. These costumes are perfect for all kinds of parties, festivals or lounging purposes. You can even wear them as pajamas for lazing away at home. There is this huge selection of comfortable and unique Kigurumi costumes in animal patterns to make you prepared for all the fun this Halloween!

Reindeer Adult Plush Funny Halloween Costume
Reindeer Adult Plush Halloween Costume $79.99

Check out the Ultraman Halloween cosplay jumpsuit costume that makes you look just like the fictional character of Ultraman. This cute looking red and white costume has an all covered design along with a white hood which has two yellow circular patches on the front side of the head. There is a blue circle at the front side of the chest which makes the design prominent. The face is covered with a red facial mask. It is the perfect costume to wear for Halloween parties. The retail price of the costume is $104.99, but at, the dress is available for $66.99.

Try out the penguin cute funny Halloween costume. This Kigurumi costume is known as the cute peunquin plush and it is unmasked. This is an adult funny Halloween costume which can be worn this Halloween season that’s just 46 days to go. The costume makes the wearer quite vivid. The material of the dress is well made too and comfortable to wear. The costume is available with a plush jump suit and has cute black hands. The special foam has a penguin shape with its yellow beak and white eyes. Get this dress at $64.99 at Milanoo, instead of $96.99.

Have a puppy plush this Halloween with the funny puppy Kigurumi costume. This unmasked jumpsuit costume has a black and white Dalmatian like pattern that makes you look like a perfect snowball of a puppy. The red look on the chest stands out so that you get noticed! This funny adult Halloween costume makes you look great. Additionally, the material out of which it is made is pretty comfortable and you can wave your hands in the plush design. The head is made of special foam. The costume is priced at $75.99.

Check out the tiger plush funny Kigurumi Halloween costume of the season. This is a sweet looking costume that has the cute yellow and black tiger stripes all over. The front part is white and the inside of the unmasked facial hood is red in color. The front open jump suit is made of comfortable material that allows you to move your hands freely. The tiger ears are yellow and the hood has painted whiskers too! The retail price of the Kigurumi costume is $99.99, but Milanoo offers it for $74.99.

Check out the list of interesting Kigurumi costumes at Milanoo for the best deals.

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  1. Each Halloween, I make sure to carry my Buffy dailies with me. I fear no man nor demon, as nothing is scarier than a grown man walking around with out-takes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer LOL!

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