Milanoo Live Video Launched

With the new feature “Live Video” lauched on Facebook, Milanoo will definitely follow this trends and trying to make live videos to our fans on facebook as well. So fans of us could be more closer with us.

Since in our option, live video could not only make our fans feel more closer with us, but could feel Milanoo more authentically. As we mentioned in one of our previous article “Milanoo is not only for business, but also for friendship, trust and sincerity’. So, we are always trying our best to provide more original materials to our fans and customers.

This is the first time we made Live Videos and the main contents we included was about our new styles of wedding dresses, such as the illusion bridal gowns, strapless wedding gowns,sweetheart A-line wedding gown as well as train bridal gown. We just launched 2 ones separately on our and Facebook Fanpage, in different times, so fans from different countries could be targeted and watch the live video. In fact of the camera, we have show you our own pretty models, sophisticated make up girl, skilled photographer, our two kind host and hostess, and surely, our products, the elegant looking wedding dresses. If you wanna see more pretty elegant wedding gowns, just feel free to check our in stock items here. While the new ones which was shot today, will be online within 1 month. So, just keep an eye and you’ll not miss the most stylish and high quality bridal gowns in 2017 trends.

Milanoo Live Video


We thanks a lot for our fans focusing on our live video and for each likes, comments and shares. We will definitely launch more nice ones with you next time. And we will surely have more interesting and practical contents, such as how to make a combo for elegant prom dresses and winter fashion apparel and we will ask our professional models standing in fact of the camera, then wear different outfits/matches and show to our fans and customers, so you guys could see the real quality of our clothing and the whole wearing looking more authentically. And we will also give an offer to our fans who are getting interactive with us on our live video, for example, we will give an extra discount, so fans could use it to get extra discounts.



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