Milanoo Review – Lolita Winter Coat

Since winter is happening in its special cold way, Milanoo always takes our customers’ winter warm needs into our full consideration. Lolita special items nowadays really win the popularity and speak highly of them. The following video from Karara is showing her ideas to our winter Lolita dresses.


We are deeply moved by our honest customers, and we hope there will be more and more Kararas. It is your support and encouragement that we are sure we will be more professional and effective.  

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2 thoughts on “Milanoo Review – Lolita Winter Coat

  1. I’don’t find the dress!

    1. Hi Juannue,

      This lolita dress in the video is the pink of White Cropped Sleeves Bow Cashmere Polyester Lolita Coat, you can find it at


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