Must-Have Shoes in 2017 Autumn & Winter Fashion

When you look at the falling yellow leaves, you know that autumn has come. Women are always lack of a pair of good shoes in a new season. You may be frustrated by what shoes to buy now. There is a funny fact that woman would like to choose something more good-looking than more useful when shopping. They are attracted easily by beautiful outlooks even though the products may be not suitable and practical for them.

However, today this blog will introduce you a pair of perfect shoes, which are not only beautiful but also comfortable and sexy. The 2017 Must-Have shoes are sock boots, which are also called stretch boots or elastic boots.

According to its name, you can easily get their features. Different from other boots, which are made in the same material, sock boots seems more like a combination of high heels and socks.

There are mainly two types of stretch shoes – over the ankle and over the knee. The reason why they are called sock shoes is that the part over the ankle of the shoes is very soft and stretchy as the socks. The sock parts are usually suede and velvet, so they are not only elastic and durable but also very soft. When you wear it, you will notice how comfortable they are.

Once you try on this kind of shoes, you will fall in love with it!

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