New Fashion Trends in Milanoo Homecoming Dresses|Five Factors To Note

The new season of homecoming is near the way. How to choose a perfect homecoming dresses is always a big problem for most girls. You don’t want to wear something normal and old, and sit in a corner when everybody is dancing. To make you to be the most unique and beautiful in the party, Milanoo has designed a series of new fashionable homecoming dresses.

Except the classic factors, such as tulle, strapless, off the shoulder, of social dresses, Milanoo has richened homecoming dresses by using some new factors creatively. There are five factors to note.

Two Piece Set

Two piece sets were firstly popular in woman casual fashion clothes. Then it goes hot in wedding dresses, which gives people more creative ideas to mix up and match their special look. As a semi-formal event, homecoming should give our young girls more choices for dresses. So two piece set is a perfect trend mixed in homecoming dresses.

Luxury Beading

Technically, beading belongs to craft or art. It is one of the most factors that fashion designers would put into their works. Beads are available in many different designs, sizes, colors, shapes, and materials, which allow creating many different works. Putting beads into homecoming dresses brings much variation to style homecoming dresses.

Binding in Tulle

Different from piping which is a decorative tube of fabric for ornamentation, binding goes around the edges and seals it. When binding tulle, it helps tulle don’t fray. What’s more, it can support tulle and make it more bouffant.

Colors in Season

Homecoming will be held in early autumn. So the colors of dresses our designers prefer to use more warm colors, like orange, red and yellow. But to prevent dresses from dull color matching, our designers apply rainbow colors to our new homecoming dresses to show different sides of girls’ temper and attitudes to life.

Stylish Backless Designs

Backless design is common in woman fashion. It leaves people more imagination to show women’s back. There are various ways to expose back, like halter, straps and keyhole. Each way can show different part of back, such as scapula or spine.

When it comes to new fashion trend, the first thought comes into mind is how it differs from former fashion. There is a paradox that we like classic fashion while we always pursuit new factors. When we put some new ideas into classic fashion and change some details to cater to our life better, that’s what we called new fashion.

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