New Trend of Boho Wedding Dresses in 2017, Milanoo Exclusive


Today this article is going to show you the latest fashion factors which our designers put in Milanoo exclusive Boho wedding dresses.

If you are people who are seeking for freedom and unconventional lives, and looking for special wedding dresses, then wedding dresses in Bohemian are your best choices.

Bohemian style, featured by rich colors, geometric patterns, leather fringes and embroidery, is always attractive. For it represents romance, delight and freedom. The clothes in Bohemian style always contain factors to show people’s quest for unconventional and unrestrained life. When designers put the classical fashionable factors of Bohemian style in wedding dresses, the bridal dresses are not only keep its purity and holiness, but also show Bohemian romance and freedom.


Let’s see how our designers integrate classical fashionable factors of Bohemian style into wedding dresses.

Bell sleeve is always beloved by fashion designers. It can make any clothes full of the feeling of a young and active girl. But it is usually used in tops, like T-shirts and blouse.



So when it combines with wedding dress, it makes the elegant dresses cuter and livelier.


Traditional wedding gowns prefer strapless dress, while Boho wedding dresses creatively integrate halter with backless gowns. Exposing shoulders partly with whole back out makes the dress more sexy and outgoing, but not losing its elegance.


Different from thick and big tulle skirts of traditional wedding gowns, mermaid skirts are preference of Bohemian bridal dresses. Except from light texture, the mermaid skirts are more likely to show women’s body curves.


Designed by Milanoo’s  professional and creative designers, our Boho wedding dresses are unique and special, which will definitely give you a unforgettable and wonderful wedding.


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