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Tips for beach wedding

Some tips you should know when having a beach wedding

As we know, a wedding is always romantic and exciting. In fact, you need more power like money, people’s help and equipment than you expected when you hold a beach wedding. In addition, it is more complex if you want to have a themed wedding. For beach wedding, it makes us full of energy and […]

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Be our fashion blogger or content writter

Get paid or free clothing from Milanoo

As most of you know Milanoo launched its “Fashion Blogger” program since 2014 and lots of bloggers joined and had a nice experience during this cooperation. They shared their ideas about the company, the product as well as the service with the world, which helps other visitors know more about Milanoo. This is an interesting thing. […]

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Royal vintage short wedding dress – Your new choice

When it comes to vintage short wedding dress, in fact, Kerry has introduced several classical styles to you before. Since some new styles are online this time and there is a nice one which I really like it. I decided to recommend it to you. This is a light yellow ivory lace short vintage dress. […]

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Tips for choosing a lace and chiffon wedding dress

For most women who are preparing her wedding, choosing a suitable bridal dress is a confused question. Because there are various styles and their fabrics are very different. In fact, it is not very difficult for choosing a wedding dress. Now follow me to know how to choose a fixed bridal dress. First of all, […]

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Milanoo Exclusive Wedding Dress

What is Milanoo Exclusive Wedding Dress and Why Choose?

Every girl desires a fantastic romantic Big Day for her life and that’s why brides needs to prepare a very unique designed and tailed wedding gown for themselves, instead of just select some popular that most people select. In order for meeting such kind of requirements, Milanoo Exclusive Wedding Dresses appears. 2017 has come already, […]

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Why do you choose a detachable wedding dress for your big day?

When it comes to wedding dress, girls who didn’t marry always are filled with desire. Because wedding dress can make her be the most beautiful woman in that day. With time changing, the requirement of women to the wedding dress becomes higher and higher; they hope they can get a unique bride gown on their […]

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