Recommendation About White Dresses in 2018 Spring

There will always be a white dress in every woman’s wardrobe. It is all-matched and never out of style. In last blog, Milanoo analyzed why women are crazy about white dresses. Today, we will talk about the trends of it in 2018 spring.

White Lace Dress

The first recommendation is classic white lace dress. Laces of different designs are made into long sleeves or mid-sleeves, matched with various skirt shapes. This style is elegant and wise, which is also warm in chilly early spring. Thus, white lace dress is good choice for holiday.

white lace dresses

White Princess Dress

If you are big fans of princess things, these white dresses will definitely be must-have ones in 2018 spring! Exquisite lace and beautiful maxi dress will make you stand out in the crowd. You can wear it when you are in vacation. Take beautiful photos on beach, in front of sea and in a forest.

white princess dress

White Lace Bodycon

The most popular white lace dresses must be lace bodycons. No matter for daily dress or faddish street snapshots, even work, you can easily hold these occasions by dressing a lace bodycon.

white lace bodycon

White Chiffon Dress

Lace dress devotes particular care to delicate lace, while white chiffon dresses focus on simplicity. They are special and attractive with simple cuts and fluent lines. Flimsy skirts dance softly with your brisk walk. It’s your best choice for vacation.

white chiffon dress

White Retro Dress

The vogue of vintage becomes popular again in fashion world. White retro dresses with various floral prints have gotten through most women’s hearts. This kind of dress usually has a well-cut top with a big skirt, which will show female’s pretty body.

white vintage dresses & white retro dress

After introducing you so many white dresses, which one would you like to have in this spring?

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One thought on “Recommendation About White Dresses in 2018 Spring

  1. The retro section is my favourite here. The floral patterns are beautiful and ideal for all those brunches and unexpected dates. They are elegant and would look good on all sizes.


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