Serving Niche Market with Special Products and Platform

In July 2013, Milanoo, the international B2C e-commerce group of theme clothing,launches its vertical site–, associated with its ACG products, and strive to provide its customers with more special products and services in the niche market of more professional and vertical mode.

In 2005, Milanoo group opened its Chengdu Animation Clothing Factory and has sold cosplay dresses to more than 30 countries and regions, including Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Europe and USA through Japan Yahoo and TrustPass, etc. In 2008, Milanoo promoted as its first clothing sales platform, which has helped sell cosplay products of various styles and good quality and has been doing well in sales and public attention. During the eight years (from 2005 to 2013), Milanoo has built a great relation with customers and gradually formed a cosplay fan base through social platforms and interactions in different ways. Eight years later, Milanoo is not only more familiar with the needs of cosplay consumers, but develops a strong cosplay culture as well. In the time of specialization and niche market, Milanoo chooses to set up vertical sites — to meet the higher demands of customers.

Milanoo plan to make its biggest and most professional sales platform associated with its ACG products. positions “concrete the vision” as a brand with focus, expression and professionalism. And “show your hobbies” embodies the main concept of this vertical website. Based on the statistics of many years, Milanoo put today’s most popular ACG products in and keep updating the items with the latest trend, hoping to meet the self-expression needs of the cosplay fans and set the trend for them. With innovative and convenient website for shopping, reasonable market segmentation, and vertical business mode, is ready to offer cosplay fans more professional services and products. In addition, Milanoo will have more opportunities to communicate and share experiences with its customers.

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