Short Chic Beach Wedding Dresses

Semi-transparent, false-double-layered wedding dress. Has a sexy short inner-skirt adorning the body and a long and flowing outer-layer skirt. Elegance is revealed in vivaciousness, exquisiteness is revealed in sexiness.

Romance is definitely at the core of this unique wedding dress. The whole design has an extremely romantic flowing composition. It has a gauze skirt that has a full drape effect, and an irregular featherlike design on the edge of the skirt. All of the elements make a bride wearing it look like a beautiful princess that has stepped straight out of a fairytale.

Deep V-shaped short flower skirt. The semi-transparent, deep V-shaped shoulder design displays the sexy body of a new bride, and the tiered flower decoration is brimming with a cute and lively flavor. This exquisite and cute wedding dress is suitable for brides with petite and sexy body types.

Full dress with single shoulder strap and feather decoration. Flowers are added to a simple feather design; just like the head ornaments of noble ladies of the Middle Ages, it is perfectly grand, while the irregular tailoring of its multi-layered skirt is very suitable for beach weddings. It is highly vivacious.

There is no lack of designs for graceful and wise ladies among the beachwear wedding dresses. A smooth cut design at the chest adorns the body superbly. A satin belt with an inlaid diamond flower design fully displays the exquisite nature of the dress. While the accompanying flowing and fluffy dress displays the gentle temperament of a new bride.

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