Spring and summer street auction trend 2019

The New year is just around the corner, and this year, from runway to fashion street, to wardrobe, everyone is more or less affected by the trend.Want to know what fashion now, what to wear, which package or which shoes the most popular, might as well refer to shuttle show in the fashion of people wear, they tend to put in the popular modern sheet is tasted, collocation is their original clothing produce a highly personal characteristics, not only enrich the landscape of the fashion world, also let us get a lot of wear inspiration.What fashion changes has 2018 seen? Take a look at these street snaps to illustrate the 2019 trend theme keywords and see if you can keep up with the trend

The new ethnic style

With the exchanges of global culture and adventure tourism, they have created a universal picture scroll, which is further deepened by the inspiration of ethnic exoticism and diversified fields.The ancient national culture is understood and accepted by more and more people, and such a form of expression can be seen on the clothing.However, after the popularity of national costumes in recent years, exaggerated and colorful national styles have not been accepted by fashionistas.Therefore, major brands launched a new national theme of the conference, the ethnic elements into other styles of clothing, the ethnic elements of the fashion charm play incisively and vividly.

The new wear of generation Z   

Due to the development of Internet, instant messaging, smart phones and other technological products, the present tense is the first generation born in the electronic virtual reality world, namely generation Z.Unlike their more regular predecessors, they are constantly on the cutting edge of information, regardless of where and when they work.In order to meet the needs of work and leisure, fashion talents of generation Z skillfully matched some feminine Outlines and detailed designs through profound wearing skills, highlighting the soft beauty and elegance of professional clothes, or creating natural temperament, or showing the modern personality of strong women and so on.

Romantic Movement

When life pursues agile and comfortable, luxuriant and multiftyly become shackle apparently, no matter be sports fashionable dress changes or fashionable dress changes, the cross-boundary collaboration between sports brand and fashionable stylist, make fashionable dress trend is comfortable with optional day by day, retain luxuriant while, reduced ceremonious with deliberate.The flexibility of motion and comfortable function, combine fashionable dress to use color and delicate clipping, tie-in gimmick is more and more consummate, already became the fashionable criterion of 21 centuries.If the sports fashion in the past is to stay on the surface of the improvement, in recent years, the sports fashion is reflected in breaking the taboo of collocation, showing the hot youth.From then on, sportswear bid farewell to sweating gym, began to step into social occasions.

Afternoon Time

In the 1880s, afternoon tea and tea parties were very important social activities in Britain.It is an integral part of women’s daily lives, during which time they can get all kinds of news and gossip, and of course they can show each other new hats and dresses.The custom of drinking afternoon tea is still kept up to now, but the dress in the afternoon tea party is different because of the changing trend.Early “afternoon wear” give priority to with romance, added a force feeling however now on romantic foundation, the tie-in way that the palace shirt of large outline model and recreational sheet taste, can bring more fashionable fun for afternoon tea dress.Now, as an important social place in the fashion circle, it integrates afternoon tea activities and fashion shows and fashion discussions into the influence of afternoon tea activities on the fashion industry.

Female artist 

“The trend is a spiral.”In classic fashion textbooks, this has long been explained.Retro elements pay tribute to different times, while the fusion of royal classics and personal experience provides the perfect platform for luxury modeling. In addition to unique traditions and gorgeous styles, art, museums and retro royal family have also become the inspiration source of the trend.Designers look back to create the future, incorporating dreams and art into their work.For example, GUCCI’s latest fashion shows reinterpreted the ancient aesthetics from the Renaissance period with a free, humorous and unconventional approach, and broke and reorganized the past and future from a unique contemporary perspective.Play with fashionable dress art easily, restore ancient ways and luxuriant art wind come handy.



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