Spring fashion guide!

Winter is going away gradually, spring is coming, have the girls who love fashion prepared spring clothes? Today, we’re talking about fashion tie-ins for spring ~

Sweater “fold wear”

If it’s chilly, a sweater over your shirt is perfect. Although the combination of sweater and shirt is simple, the collocation of color is very optional also, not show the same color of shirt collar, sleeve can be able to more modern good-looking!

Don’t go for really big jeans and really wide skirts, choose a pair of pencil pants, leggings, or a tight dress instead.

Matching hoodies

Spring is all about hoodies. Hoodies make you younger, and it’s fashionable for celebrities to lose their bottoms. But keeping warm, wearing a pair of fitted harem pants or a cool hat is also cool.

If it’s a little colder, the sweater and shirt is also very cool to wear, wear a coat in winter, lower body pencil pants, looks soo cool.

The hoodie with very strong recreational sense and soft beautiful bust skirt are tie-in, cool but taking fairy spirit again, perhaps this is the glamour that mixes build, the bag in the hand should coordinate with whole photograph, walk confidently, you can try yourself if you like this collocation , It must be much surprises!

Skirt and blouse

If you are a skirt girl, you can use a T-shirt with a long skirt, coupled with a pair of high heels or sneakers, although people feel different, but they are perfect, fashionable and lively can hold!

Again when the weather is a bit colder, long sleeve unlined upper garment is the best choice, perhaps outside adds a coat, warmth is not burdensome again, with thin paragraph knitwear collocation bust skirt, simple and optional, have very recreational temperament again.

Sweater matching

In spring, a sweater is a versatile item. Matching pants with a simple sweater is not only simple, but also error-free.

A turtleneck sweater is the best way to recede. Besides, it keeps you warm.When tie-in broken beautiful skirt, can make small and pure and fresh already inspect a feeling;If it is tie-in and fashionable, wrap buttock skirt, the aura that can have duty field woman very much, professional fan is dye-in-the-sky, the feeling of city female elite.

Coat matching

Spring can’t be completed without coat, such as the short style of leather clothing with T shirt, skirt, there is a sense of hierarchy, also very young, if it is the basis of the leather clothing with dress is the most popular collocation, both women’s gentle beauty, and cool handsome.

. In the past two years the oversized style is also very popular, loose version of the leather is tie-in white T-shirt, spirit, jeans, sneakers, collocation in addition to very fashionable tide of movement.

For girls who like fashion and individuality, there must be a baseball suit, which can be paired with jeans and dresses to create a small and fresh college style with fresh fashion and individuality.The medium and long versions have a stronger design and are suitable for girls who are slightly more mature, such as those who are tall and slim.

Denim jacket is also a must for spring, with t-shirts, striped shirts and other daily items, feel is very natural out

Cardigan also is very attractive sheet is tasted, wearing joker, convenient, tie-in skirt can have nifty feeling, tie-in pants can mature and sedate feeling again, must have so a.

These collocation are more common design, also be very everyday money, suit spring very much to wear build, from early autumn to late autumn, need not worry worry, follow such to wear, can beautiful beautiful spent this spring.

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