Summer Wedding in Church

New couples may choose a sacred and elegant church wedding as the start point of their marriage. Here are some tips for your reference.
Wedding Dresses – White wedding dress with a large tail is a perfect option for church wedding, complete with a waist-length veil. And a relative fresh and transparent material is the first choice, so that the dress and veil are well arranged. A bride wearing the chic trailing dress looks tall and slim.

As for the suit for bridegroom, traditional swallowtail with black bow tie is the best choice. Alternatively, a bridegroom wearing a white western-style suit also looks like a prince. Such dressing up matches the atmosphere of church wedding.

Wedding Shoes – If the bride chooses a white dress, the color of shoes shall match it. The shoes in gold, silver, white are good choices. This rule also applies to the bridegroom. The shoes in the same color system or deeper color shall be chosen if possible. Strong color contrast is not suggested. For example, white suit with black shoes is the worst match.

Overall Decoration – In a sacred wedding, white is always a classic color. The decorations in white look graceful. It is not suggested to use colorful balloons in church wedding.

The flowers in simple and elegant colors are preferred in a church wedding, for example, white lilies and champagne roses, complemented by green leaves and lace trimmings. Bridal bouquet shall be made of fresh flowers, whose size shall be suitable for bride to toss easily. Fresh flowers are used as decorations on the head and in the wrist for bride and as the corsage for bridegroom.

As a church wedding contains many established rites and processes, new couples shall follow the timing strictly. The ceremony can not be delayed by any individual behavior. It is suggested to follow the wedding company staff’s schedule.

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