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Attack on Milanoo Cosplay Day

Since the last Cosplay day of Milanoo, it has been a whole year. On this 31st July, Milanoo hosted the second Cosplay day in his headquarter. Staff of milanoo dressed up with costumes, which can all be found on Milanoo’s vertical site, cosplayshow.com, specializing on Cosplay costumes. Aiming at showing the company’s dense atmosphere of […]

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Serving Niche Market with Special Products and Platform

In July 2013, Milanoo, the international B2C e-commerce group of theme clothing,launches its vertical site–Cosplayshow.com, associated with its ACG products, and strive to provide its customers with more special products and services in the niche market of more professional and vertical mode. In 2005, Milanoo group opened its Chengdu Animation Clothing Factory and has sold […]

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Gospel for Fans—Big Sale for Cosplay Costumes

It has been a long time since the last time we talk about cosplay. Even though the weather is getting cold, the enthusiasm of Cosers from all over the world never declines. This season milanoo.com provides big discounts to various types of cosplay costumes including those from the most popular anime and games.   Anime […]

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Milanoo Puella Magi Madoka Magica Cosplay Costume Collection

When it comes to the latest and popular anime series, we have to mention Puella Magi Madoka Magica, bringing us in such a magic and amazing world and casting us the powerful and charming images of the four lovely girls. For cosplayers, Kaname Madoka is one of best characters to play in cosplay parties. We […]

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