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What Is Zentai?

Recently, a group of people wear head-toe spandex suits showing up in public. They gather at park and hold party. In fact, these costumes are called “zentai” originated in the 1980s in Japan and the word is from the Japanese words zenshin taisu. To most outsiders, zentai means exactly what it looks like: full-bodysuits. Why […]

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Costumes Make You To Be Anyone You Want!

Under heavy pressure of work and life, sometimes we adults have almost forgotten the real meaning of life, for me, that is freedom and happiness. Most of us are just normal people, but we dream to be someone special, never the one who always feels tired and boring. I used to be a princess after […]

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Costumeslive Website Officially Launched

After much preparation, Costumeslive, Cosplayshow and Lolitashow were launched on July 8th. Part of the Milanoo Group, a global B2C themed clothing e-commerce company, the websites offer a wide variety of fantastic products. Amongst them, Costumeslive is dedicated to the role-playing and family-themed markets. Through its special, custom-made and vertical products, it aims to convey vitality, […]

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