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banner and cosmetics

What Are the Must-Have Makeups in 2018?

Most women love makeup since they were little girls. Makeup is magical. It can help people highlight their features and cover the defects on their face. To be more beautiful is an internal topic for human beings. Cosmetic is the easiest way to achieve it. If you want to put on a perfect make up, […]

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sexy dresses

How We Define Sexy Dresses?

What is the first thing you want to do when it becomes warm? For most girls, they would take off thick coats and sweaters and put on pretty dresses immediately. Because of coldness, we have wrapped our body for all the winter. If you want to stand up in this spring, hurry up and prepare […]

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rompers & jumpsuit

Something We Should Know About Romper Suit

Romper suits, originated as playwear for younger children in the United States of America in the early 1900s, have become popular among adults. Today, this blog is going to state three points about it. NO1. What are the differences between jumpsuits and rompers? According to Wiki, “A jumpsuit is a one-piece garment with sleeves and […]

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2017 autumn women fashion look

2017 Autumn Women Fashion Looks

Autumn is a poetic season, which many poets made thousands of odes to. It is also a big question for women who want to dress up fashionably. Today, this blog is going to introduce some easy and basic fashionable autumn looks in 2017. #LOOK 1 If you have many must-have items in your wardrobes, it […]

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Milanoo 9th anniversary sales

Attention!!! Milanoo 9th Anniversary Event |Waiting for Special You

In 2008, a legendary year in China, which was suffering a horrible earthquake, but holding a magnificent Olympic Games in Peking, Milanoo was born! In the nine years, selling 9,521,733 products to 4,320,000 customers in more than 153 countries, Milanoo has gradually grown up and strengthened up from a little tender baby site. But without […]

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Three Classic Fashion Elements for Women Clothing

For this fall, you can never miss three fashion elements that have been used in different ways and become the most common fashion around us. They are studded, fringe and sequins. I believe in anyone’s memory, there must have a piece of clothing having, at less, one of these elements. The studded can give clothing […]

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