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Milanoo Halloween Costumes— Make You Scary and Sexy

Halloween is not far away. Do you have any idea what kind of costume to wear? Has a sexy halloween costume ever appeared in your mind? Back when were kids, everyone came dressed as a ghost or a mummy or a vampire. These days there are lots of costumes available and people try their best to come […]

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Not Only Halloween But Cool Costume Show

Halloween is one of those festivals that can make people’s adrenaline surge. Horrifying, cute, sexy or crazy, people try their best to dress up themselves in unique ways.  The exciting moment of this year has arrived again. In this special year that was predicated as “doomsday”, what kind of special costume are you going to […]

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A Wise choice for Dressing Your Pets

It’s doubtless that for those people who keep pets, pets mean members of their family. So nowadays many people realize it’s necessary to dress their pets and take them to parties and sorts of pets costume contests. When the pets win contests or become highlights of parties, the owners of them can also feel strong […]

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Milanoo Halloween Shopping Spree

Milanoo 2012 Halloween Shopping Carnival Begins

Yearly Halloween is just on the corner, and Milanoo this year really brings many different kinds of Halloween dressing up choices both for you and your family. Top 4 styles of 2012 Halloween costume are funny, cute, sexy and horror. We really bring many new arrivals of costumes and accessories for new markdowns of 2012 […]

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Halloween shop

Milanoo Halloween Specials

As it’s known, there is only 45 days for Halloween festival. When you open milanoo.com, you will find the Halloween styles are all over our site. In our Halloween shop, we not only present you special Halloween items, but also offer them in affordable prices with 20% off and free shipping policy. One piece Strong […]

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Halloween Costumes For Couples

If you’re planning to attend some Halloween parties this year with your significant other, wearing themed matching costumes is a great idea. Besides from being fun and totally original, you stand a good chance of winning those coveted costume contests! Here are a few of our top picks for great costumes for couples. Shrek & […]

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