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Explore Milanoo Exclusive design concept for Homecoming dress 2017

Different from last year, for Homecoming dress design, Milanoo lauched the new concept this year based on the tagline “Only for your Young girls only”!  So, let’s contiune, to make the whole design concept being interpreted in details. 1> Two pieces is the main feature for Homecoming dress 2017 in Milanoo Exclusive design.  With crop top […]

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Beading | Special Signs in Dresses

The beading maybe is a small detail on clothes, but it can make the clothes unique and beautiful. With beading’s decoration, even a very normal dress can be very noble and special. There are thousands styles and shapes of beading applied in clothes, one of the reasons is that there is also hundreds of materials […]

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New Fashion Trends in Milanoo Homecoming Dresses|Five Factors To Note

The new season of homecoming is near the way. How to choose a perfect homecoming dresses is always a big problem for most girls. You don’t want to wear something normal and old, and sit in a corner when everybody is dancing. To make you to be the most unique and beautiful in the party, […]

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