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Lolita Fashion New Styles

Lolita is an attitude and girls who love lolita dresses always keep a young and sunny heart. Life is hard and yes, Lolita is always a sweet dream. So, why not fall in love with lolita fashion? There are so many different lolita styles for fans, such as sweet lolita, gothic lolita, classic lolita as […]

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lolita fashion sales party

Milanoo Lolita Party of Princesses

Milanoo.com, where a big Lolita sales party is held, is offering brand new and special sweet Lolita dresses, skirts, suits, Lolita shoes and boots are selected for princesses you. We’d like to make all Lolita lovers have such an unforgettable experience from Milanoo Lolita fashion styles of frilly outfits, giant bows and bloomers.     […]

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Milanoo Review – Lolita Winter Coat

Since winter is happening in its special cold way, Milanoo always takes our customers’ winter warm needs into our full consideration. Lolita special items nowadays really win the popularity and speak highly of them. The following video from Karara is showing her ideas to our winter Lolita dresses. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSNcUwI_b3E We are deeply moved by our […]

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2011 Milanoo Live on Sweet Lolita Dresses

We are very happy to tell you that Milanoo releases new sweet Lolita fashion items for our fans. Our model put on them, showing the sweetness of milanoo lolita dresses. Let’s sneak peek our new Lolita dresses fashion shoots! httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5aFkhplObI When you look at these dresses, we are sure you will love them at the […]

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An Introduction To Lolita Fashion

If you’re like most fashion-unconscious people, you probably aren’t’ that familiar with the new genres of styles that keep cropping up. Some of them are new takes on old styles while others are completely new and innovative ways of dressing. One of the styles you may not have heard much about is Lolita fashion. It […]

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