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How To Dress As A True Lolita?

We know that you have quantity of choices when you are going to wear a lolita suit, because there are many different lolita styles. However, if you want to be more professional in this field and wear more correctly, you need to remember some basic rules when matching a lolita suit. First, the whole suit […]

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About Lolita Shoes, You Have More Choices!

In the former blog, we have introduced lolita fashion briefly, knowing about where it originated and how it develops in these years. Besides, it also introduces three mainstream lolita suits. Except dresses, shoes are other essential part of lolita fashion, which we need to pay attention to. Most people believe lolita shoes are equal to […]

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2011 Milanoo Live on Sweet Lolita Dresses

We are very happy to tell you that Milanoo releases new sweet Lolita fashion items for our fans. Our model put on them, showing the sweetness of milanoo lolita dresses. Let’s sneak peek our new Lolita dresses fashion shoots! httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5aFkhplObI When you look at these dresses, we are sure you will love them at the […]

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