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Halloween Cosplay Trends From Milanoo

Nowadays it is rather rare to find a place where fashion does not prevail. Cosplay is definitely among hottest of costume patterns for Halloween special event, and we noticed that cosplay is such a popular choice for boys and girls. We are quite happy to announce that Milanoo 2012 Halloween Cosplay sales activity begins, and […]

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Cosplay collection–Turn Your Imaginations into Reality

Here at Milanoo.com, definitely a great choice for all the fashion freaks who can explore endless verities of dresses to grace any occasion, you can easily explore the cosplay collection. There are numerous items which you will find in this category. Some of the choices are cosplay costumes, cosplay shoes, cosplay accessories, cosplay socks and […]

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Naruto Cosplay 30% off at Milanoo.com

The animation Naruto impresses us deeply by those great heroes who are with the world’s most powerful perseverance and arduous efforts to bright career for people, and Naruto Cosplay things always matter so much, and we are so glad to tell our cospalyers that our Naruto Cosplay gears are now for sale now due to […]

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Milanoo In-House Cosplay Show in Oct. 5th.

At the beginning of this month, Milanoo held a cosplay party, all cosers are Milanoo stuff and the cosplay costumes they wore are all from Milanoo. In that party,  the management level wore their favorite costumes and show us their sense of humour and give others a really happy show. Milanoo stuff really enjoy that day. […]

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