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Milanno Grows by Word-of-mouth Recommendation

Due to fast development of internet era and social media, customers have been playing a dominant role in the marketplace and wielding an increasing influence on enterprises. When an enterprise intends to survive market competition and develop smoothly for long, it is indispensable for it to afford customers the highest degree of satisfaction once they choose its products or service. Only by  doing so can it attract and hold more customers. Meanwhile, customers are becoming increasingly responsive to high quality products and service, and interactions among different customers or between customers and merchants have been more and more frequent. In such “we-media” era, if a product or a brand is of high quality and excellent service, it can be advertised among customers by word-of-mouth recommendation, helping it survive and develop even under keen competition in the market. As a global B2C e-commerce company dealing with clothing, Milanoo can stand out as an example who has been developing rapidly by virtue of word-of-mouth recommendation among customers.


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We Deliver Smile

Smile, a simple facial expression, is the most widely used expression to show friendliness. At Milanoo, delivering smile is the core value of our service. We want to offer  not only a online store to make profits but also optimistic attitude and a sense of enthusiasm and passion. Milanoo wants to be a store of […]

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Milanoo Customer’s Review

It was exciting for any online store to get good reviews from  their customers. And Milanoo.com gets a big surprise from one of her customers at the beginning of 2013. Kassandra Leigh, a model photographer artist with many fans on facebook.com made a video review for a latex dress ordered from milanoo.com, a few days […]

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Hilarious Milanoo Cosplay Day

We have to say one of the most important events to the cosplay fans all over China in this summer is the China Joy Cosplay Anniversary. Anyhow, the even more exciting event to me and all the other Milanooers is Milanoo’s Cosplay day which kindled the passion of the whole company. After a long time […]

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Customer’s review on Sweet Lolita Dress

No matter who you are, our new or old customers, Lolita dresses will remind you of sweet dream about beauty and happiness. Our goal of launching this product line is really to help every girl being beautiful angle. Here is one of our customers who want to share her pleasant milanoo shopping experience. Let’s see […]

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