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A Modern Wedding among Summer Weddings

When it comes to the wedding nowadays, more and more young people no longer strictly follow the traditional ceremony or the age-old etiquette. And a modern wedding, from the process to the decoration, is currently in favor. So, how to create a popular wedding of modern style?
Wedding process:
The bride, wearing the white veil, walking down the aisle on her father’s arm in an elegant manner… might be soon a thing of the past. According to a survey of 200 brides, a quarter of them have no intention to take their husbands’ surnames after getting married. In addition, one out of every ten brides is unwilling to be dressed in white.
Nowadays, more and more women advocate the “feminism” at their weddings in a special and anti-traditional way.
Moreover, the ring is not essential to a modern wedding. Also, wearing the engagement ring, in a sense, is anti-feminism for more and more female, to whom, this tradition indicates that the bride is “delivered to and possessed by others” like some kind of private property.

At the meantime, the conventional white wedding dress is no longer the only option. ”Some brides choose not to wear the white wedding dress, which indicates that the bride is immaculate, while the groom’s ornaments have no special meaning. And the modern female believe that this, in some sense, implies the inequality of men and women.” Therefore, the blue, grey and pink wedding dress is now commonly seen in various wedding ceremonies. They have no specific meaning, but give the bride more options.
Wedding decoration:
Nowadays, more and more couples prefer to have an individualized wedding ceremony instead of a traditional one. Here is an example of decorating a romantic wedding ceremony.


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Tips on Keeping Your Countryside Weddings Cool

The best time for the countryside wedding happens in the summer or autumn. On the green grassland, you will have the most romantic moment when riding on the white horse with your lover. Such a scene is just like an oil painting full of life atmosphere. On the evening of the wedding, the guests can sing or dance together with the bride and bridegroom. This is not simply a wedding. It is also a party.
Vines and flowers are greatest features for the countryside wedding. The perfect combination represents the countryside-styled freedom and passion. The wedding seems to be happening in the farm field and garden, which is full of natural sense. The plain style of countryside wedding, in recent years, is becoming more popular. And many tips are available for the installation and decoration of a countryside wedding.

The colorful flowers and green-belt chair decorations, which are plain but generous, replace the traditional guiding flower stands. The colorful flowers, together with the green belts, are just like green leaves and flowers, are full of natural atmosphere. The simple chair decorations for the guests give the most fresh and heart-warming atmosphere to the seat area.


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Milanoo Opens Show Room in France

China’s mainland e-commerce cross-border clothing trader Milanoo will open a show room in France which will go into operation this June. With an area of some 400 square meters, the show room will provide hundreds of wedding dresses and related accessories for free try-on. To offer customers good experiences, Milanoo will integrate products with technology, independently develop app and place iPads in the show room so that customers can view product information conveniently. Besides, all visitors will enjoy multiple offers such as coupons. (more…)

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Short Chic Beach Wedding Dresses

Semi-transparent, false-double-layered wedding dress. Has a sexy short inner-skirt adorning the body and a long and flowing outer-layer skirt. Elegance is revealed in vivaciousness, exquisiteness is revealed in sexiness.


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What a Big Day! Say Yes to Your Confident and Full Figure

Every girl wants to be sweet dream of being beautiful bride in her once-in-life wedding ceremony with fragrant flowers, fine wine, romantic music and best wishes from friends and family. It seems that this also annoys plus size brides-to-be. Yet, Milanoo here wants to say that this is not a problem at all, and our […]

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Make Your Wedding Special with Milanoo.com

Milanoo.com is one of the finest online stores where you can explore a vast collection of best wedding dresses. There are countless styles which you can explore but making the right choice is very necessary. Not all the dresses will suit your figure so one has to be cautious enough while making the selection. One of […]

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