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New Season, New Shoes

Spring warm days are coming, and new weather also means new fashion concepts. Have you gotten your beautiful shoes for this new season? Yea, Milanoo here is glad to say that we bring the new arrival shoes collection for 2012 spring and summer time, totally for your budgets. To your surprise, prices under $20 can […]

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Fabulous Fall Shoe Trends at Milanoo

When shopping for new clothes for a new season, you want to keep in mind how you’re going to accessorize the new outfits. You can’t forget the shoes! Yes, we know that sometimes you’re just walking through a store and a certain pair calls your name. You must buy them! But you should remember to […]

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Choosing The Right Pair Of Men’s Shoes

Most guys don’t think much about what they wear, much less the kind of shoes they wear. Yes, some of this may be attributed to their “go with the flow” attitude, but some of it may be due to them not really knowing which kinds of shoes go with which kinds of outfits. The excuses […]

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