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2012 Fall Shoes from Milanoo.com

Women always have a special strong desire to shoes and it seems like that this kind of desire can never be satisfied. Anyhow, that’s not our women’s false because the beauty and diversity of women’s shoes can never be ended. Fashion Industry provides different styles and colors of shoes continuously to trigger women’s I-must-have-it lust. […]

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Stride Through Spring’s Love in Style—Milanoo Fancy Clog Trend Collection

When it comes to clog shoes, you may think they are scoffed and chuckled, then dismissing them as ugly and awkward. Yet, we think your ideas about special clog shoes for spring summer time will be totally different when Milanoo fancy Clog Trend Collection appears. From sandals to stilletos, we’re trying to score the shelves […]

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Match It Up for Your Big Events

Milanoo recently present an extensive special occasion match up collection of parties and ideas for big event dresses. Various matches are made, tempting all fashion lovers impulse for those fall in love with hunter green, grape temptation, rose petal walty, the red, symbol of power, sweet peach pie and goddess in black.  1. Fall in […]

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