Thanksgiving Shopping Guides

On Thanksgiving Day, we usually have happy hours with our families, eating traditional food like turkey and pumpkin pies and playing tradition games.

thanksgiving shopping guide

However, except these traditional costums of Thanksgiving, one thing has become an inseparable part of festival, that is shopping. Today this blog is going to share some tips about online shopping to help you figure out what to buy when facing so many big sales’ temptation and buy more cheaper but better products.

1. Make A Shopping List

You can classify the items you need to buy in 3 ways as below:

  • Daily necessities: items you must have in daily life, such as toothbrush, paper and so on;
  • Normal necessities: items you don’t buy right now but you must have them, like socks and clothes.
  • Items in low price: you may not buy it right now, but its price is very low. Buy it at lowest price to save money.

2. Know about online shops’ marketing strategies ( take Milanoo as example)

  • Shops will release Thanksgiving Promotion activity in advance(Click the picture);

  • Online shops would promote all the product types not something only related Thanksgiving.

thanksgiving shoping guide

  • Except some products in low discount all the time, many other items begin to discount when the promotion activity releases.

thanksgiving shoping guide

3. Have a different attitude toward the items on your shopping list

  • Buy daily necessities in discount at first, which can avoid rough situations like lacking of products or slowing shipping because of pileup.
  • Put normal necessities into shopping cart or collect them in advance. Then check whether they are in discount in Thanksgiving activity. If they do, you can buy them in a cheaper price.
  • When you finish the first two steps, you can find out the most economic products on Thanksgiving promotion activity!

Have you learned these tips? Take them into practice on right now!

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