Why You Should Pick Up A Short Wedding Dress?

Milanoo has already introduced you the latest styles of short wedding dresses. To be honest, most of girls would prefer a more luxury dress to show their beauty and to be remembered in their big day. All the brides would not only like to be the happiest woman but also the most beautiful one. So in what situation short wedding dresses would be your best choice? Let’s find out. (Click pictures to find more beautiful short wedding dresses)

why you should pick up a short wedding dress

Engagement Party

As we know, engagement is significant for couples who are going to wed. If the couples want to hold an engagement party to celebrate this special moment, they also have to decide what to wear. Because it is also an important moment to be recorded. However, the betrothal is not as vital as the wedding day. At this time, short wedding dress is the best choice for the wife-to-be. It is not as formal as a luxury wedding dress, but it is enough formal to witness your engagement. Besides, a successful party can live without wonderful dancing part. It is more convenient to dance when you wear a short wedding dress.

short wedding dresses

short wedding dress dancing party

Second Marriage

Everyone always has the right to pursue happiness. Second marriage is not a big deal. Milanoo never means people don’t have to take second marriage seriously. But people who will hold the second wedding party would pay more attention to the meaning not the form. The reason why we recommend short wedding dresses for second marriage as follows. First, if you had worn a traditional long tail wedding dress before, you can try a totally different style like a short wedding dress. Secondly, you want to hold a simple and easy wedding and don’t want to make it grand and hollow.

simple wedding party

Beach Wedding

Many girls have romantic imagination about beach wedding because of beautiful beach wedding photos. In these photos, you see brides wearing a long tail wedding gowns, standing in front of blue sea, on golden sand and smiling sweet to camera.

Like this:

romantic beach wedding

romantic beach wedding

You can take wonderful photos like this, whereas you’d better not hold the wedding ceremony when wearing a long luxury bride’s dress. Your beautiful wedding dress will be messed up by sand and sea water. What’s worse, it will make you uncomfortable and inconvenient to interact with your guests.

why you should choose a short wedding dress

On the contrary, short wedding dresses will avoid all this problems and make you enjoy the party.


Milanoo has proposed three situations for choosing a short wedding dress. There must be more for it. You can share your ideas about it with us.

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