This is the real Boho!

As the weather warmed up, do the girls want to go out get crazy again?
And when it comes to summer vacations, the best way to release enthusiasm, it must be wearing boho!

So what is the boho?

Bohemian, originally referred to the uninhibited Gypsies and the decadent cultural people.

It advocates the spirit of freedom and rebellion, has an artist’s temperament, pursues a romantic and optimistic hippie spirit, and a free heart full of dreams, mysterious and beautiful~

Bohemia began to flourish in the fashion world in the 1970s. Exotic totem prints, elegant romantic split skirts, tasseled drapes, and silver bracelets…. The whole person seems to have a hangover spirit.

Today, I will talk to you about how to wear a real bohemian style, let you transform into a mysterious gypsy girl who is independent and unrestrained.

Complex luxury dress

Speaking of boho, the most familiar ones are the long skirts with various irregular patterns. There are all kinds of complicated prints, crumpled fabrics, romantic and sexy high slits, hanging and hanging. tassel…

Bohemian dresses are generally loose and comfortable. They are more comfortable and casual than the new look that emphasizes femininity. Therefore, they are generally low-cut, high-split, and the chest is liberated.

More daily choices can be worn in a long skirt, with a casual T-shirt, it is very bohemian~

There are also short bohemian dresses, which are embroidered with a lot of exquisite national embroidery, which is more wearable.

Elegant blouse

Jacket blouse is also a key piece to create a boho, oversized is the basic principle, a bit similar to the summer sun blouse.

However, the complicated ethnic style printing can not be less, it is best to bring a little flowing tassels to create a spirit of freedom and release.F

Free wild blouses

In addition to a simple beach dress, the bohemian holiday style comes with a short top with shorts and a blouse. Or a direct ultra-short top with a long skirt or flared pants, as well as a rocky girl’s sense of sight. The general camisole is a woven style, or you can hang a tassel, and you can go to the seaside with a pair of denim hot pants.

Exotic prints

Printing is a very crucial part of the boho, the various nationalized mysterious totems and delicate embroidery can firmly grasp the “fetish nerve” of the cool girl.

The Paisley print is a representative print of Bohemia. It is delicate and colorful. It is born with ancient mysterious information, and it is full of tenderness with a flowing dress.

The other key print is its ethnic prints from various regions. Because Bohemians walk the world and bring their own “wandering” temperament, they combine the characteristics of the various ethnic groups.
Generally, national embroidery does not squash the whole body like a print, and the partial embroidery is more delicate and beautiful.

Exotic tassels

The tassel is a very exotic detail decoration, as long as you bring some tassels, it is natural and elegant.

And the bohemian pieces, spare no effort to decorate tassels in various places, such as skirts, cuffs, bags, shoes and so on.

Boho style headdress

Bohemian attention to detail, a soft printed silk scarf can instantly blend into your exotic style.

In addition to the silk scarf toe cap, there are some string or hanging ornaments that will be used to surround the forehead, very goddess dress.

Usually at the festival, many people choose the artistic temperament of boho style dress, wearing a wreath on the head, can create a romantic hippie feeling~

A Flappy Hat is the best bohemian accessory for a summer vacation. The large brim has a wild sense of western cowboys, and colleagues are very sun-drenched.

Rough walking shoes

One of the most distinctive features of the bohemian style is that even wearing a lace chiffon white dress from a fairy, with a pair of wild and sturdy dirty boots, reveals a rebellious feeling.

Therefore, the choice of shoes is particularly important, brown suede flat boots are the most common, but also versatile, with a point tassel is no better.

And it must look old, there is a sense of glory in the mountains and rivers.

If you are too hot, choose a pair of straps and leather sandals. You must have the feeling of binding the leather rope, as if you are barefoot on the ground, pure and romantic.

The high tube is tied with a pair of Roman shoes, revealing a beautiful calf line, full of wild temperament.

Layer stacked accessories

The authentic bohemian girl must be covered with layers of accessories, on the fingers, on the wrists, on the ankles, as well as on the neck and waist. Even if it is too heavy to lift the hands and feet, it will be put on the whole.

And must be able to make a clanging sound when it collides, is it reminiscent of Indians who are full of accessories totems and wild?

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