Tips for choosing a lace and chiffon wedding dress

For most women who are preparing her wedding, choosing a suitable bridal dress is a confused question. Because there are various styles and their fabrics are very different. In fact, it is not very difficult for choosing a wedding dress. Now follow me to know how to choose a fixed bridal dress.

First of all, you should choose a proper wedding dress according to the season. For example, you should choose a long sleeve bridal gown with more yarns on winter. In this way, you may feel better at your wedding, not feel cold. On the contrary, you can choose a light and cool wedding dress on summer such like chiffon wedding dress, beach wedding dress, and silk wedding dress and so on. If so, you will feel very cool at your wedding ceremony.


Secondly, you should choose a wedding dress according to your body. For petite girls, she can choose a two-pieces wedding dress or a backless wedding dress. When you wear this dress with a pair of sandal, you can also become very elegant, beautiful and charming. For those women who is a little plump, she can choose a princess dress or a strapless wedding dress. In this way, show your beauty at that big day.


Thirdly, you also should choose a wedding dress according to your style of dress. Some girls like a wedding dress with a large tail or skirt. Some like sexy and backless wedding dress. Some others love a simple and short wedding dress. Whatever bridal gowns do you like, today Kerry wants to talk about some tips for choosing a chiffon wedding dress. As I mentioned above, the fabric of chiffon is very light, smooth, and soft. What’s more, it is very breathable and with high drapability. Now let’s looking some tips for choosing a chiffon wedding dress.

1. Know more different fabrics of chiffon.

The ingredients of silk chiffon are 100% mulberry silk. It is very helpful for human’s skin and very cool breathable. But there are some bad features of silk chiffon. For example, it will turn to light grey after washing easily. Besides, it will turn to be yellow if you exposure it to the sun. it is not easy to take care of it. You need hand – washing and the fastness is not good(easy stretch yarn, stitching easily torn it. In contrast, the ingredients of faux chiffon are 100% polyester. Compared with silk chiffon, it has all good features of silk chiffon. And it will not turn to be yellow after washing; it’s easy to take care. So for you, you will choose silk chiffon or faux chiffon?


After talk about the difference between silk chiffon and faux chiffon, you may know which kind of chiffon to choose. For a chiffon wedding dress, it is usually decorated with lace, using 3D lace flowers to set on chiffon dress. You will find the whole dress becomes more elegant, beautiful and gorgeous.

2. Know chiffon wedding dress’ texture and workmanship

As we know the chiffon is very thin and light. For showing woman’s beauty and good posture, wedding dress designers usually use one or two layers of chiffon as a skirt. For better effect, some chiffon wedding dresses will be added a layer of satin in the chiffon. Finally, you will choose chiffon wedding dresses as your bridal dress? It is really applied for lawn wedding and beach wedding. Now let’s look some Milanoo exclusive chiffon wedding dresses.



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