Vintage Wedding Dresses|2018 Wedding Dresses Trend

vintage wedding dresses

Retro fashion burst onto the fashion scene in recent years. These fashion elements which were popular before have shone again in fashion industry. Thus, there is no doubt that vintage style will be applied in 2018 wedding dresses. With creative ideas, designers show timeless beauty by combining new features of nowadays and classic style of old times to create pretty and glamorous retro wedding dresses.

retro wedding dresses

In the last Short Wedding Dresses|2018 Wedding Dresses, we have mentioned classic short wedding dresses matching with vintage style in the 1950s. These wedding robes below are short vintage in different styles. Which one is your preference?

Knee-length retro wedding dresses

Knee-length retro wedding dresses are cute and active.

Tea-length wedding dresses

Tea-length ones are elegant and charming.

Ankle-length wedding gowns

Except with classic vintage full skirt wedding dresses, long trumpet and mermaid wedding gowns are also greatly favored by both designers and brides, which are usually decorated with lace in a retro way. Compared with short vintage wedding dresses, long mermaid gowns are more elegant and can show brides body better. So it is a combination to both show brides’ elegant and alluring charm.

long trumpet and mermaid wedding gowns

Until now, you may think the 2018 vintage wedding gowns are mainly in luxury styles, which is also a common sense of most people. However, minimalism also won many fans, especially in economic depression in the 1930s. Designers apply the simple and easy concept when creating 2018 wedding dresses. They use chiffon and satin as masteries and design simple styles.

simple vintage wedding dresses

Milanoo has introduced several wedding dresses trends of 2018. We believe you have found that modern wedding dresses are hardly in absolute single style. Different styles and fashion elements collides together and produce various new styles. For will-be brides, just follow your own heart and you will pick out the most suitable wedding dresses for yourself.

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  1. Your post reminded me of all the brides I have seen through these years. All of them had different styles, different personalities, and yet in a wedding dress they all looked ravishing. There is something about wedding dresses. A girl can never go wrong with it. The evolution of wedding outfits through decades reflects on the changes in societies, and their attitudes towards women.


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