Some Wedding Dress Fashion We Don’t Understand

In the fashion world, designers’ ideas and works are usually far away from our normal beauty sense. It’s hard for us to understand why they spend amount of time and money on creating some clothes that no one would like to buy. When I look through the new pieces of wedding dresses in Bridal Fashion Week 2018, there are so many wedding dresses that I couldn’t get their point.

bridal dress fashion show

Today, I would like to share my confusion with you in these wedding gowns shown in the show.

#1 Simple As A Formal Suit

Can you believe this is a dress for your big day? Personally speaking, it is pretty and alluring as formal suit for work or formal party. It is not like any wedding dresses at all. It is said the dress is meant “relaxed wedding dresses you can re-wear long after you say ‘I do.’ Or if you’re not getting married anytime soon, you can just as easily wear one as a party dress.” However, I just wonder the meaning of wedding which is too special and important to be forgotten. So why we should wear something we can even wear in a normal day?

wedding dresses

#2 Not Fitted

To be honest, I like this wedding dress. It is quite different like other wedding gowns with lots of decorations on. It is in a vintage style and can be called a “naked dress”. However, I don’t think the dress is fitted on the model. It is like people on wrong shoes. It should be elegant and pure.

wedding dresses

#3 Meaningless and Useless Decoration

There are usually two reasons for brides wearing a cape: one is to keep warm, and another one is to beautify themselves. Thus, no bride will choose a cape that has no function of preventing from coldness and covering the beauty of the wedding dress. Like this cape, it does no good to show the dress.

wedding dresses

There are some wedding gowns we can’t catch its point, but more chic wedding dresses are created in this season. We will talk about it later.

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