What Halloween costume ideas we can get from sailormoon

I believe almost all the girls dreamed to be the kind, beautiful and wise princesses in Disney movies, which fought against evil enemies and found their true love. We like their luxury dresses and shoes, and hope we can dance in a big splendid hall. However, when Sailor Moon came out, it overthrew girls’ traditional concept about heroin. Normal girls of junior high school can also change the world. They are not very beautiful, wise and brave. They also don’t wear gorgeous dresses but sailor suits. But their stories about friendship, self-development and love inspire and encourage us all the time.

When you are still bothered by what to wear in Halloween, why not think about the Sailor Moon? We can totally learn from Sailor Senshi. Today we will remind you of the top 5 Sailor looks.


Top 1. Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon is the title character and leader of the Sailor Senshi. She is an ordinary junior high school girl called Usagi Tsukino. Sailor Moon’s fuku consist of a sailor shirt, a short navy blue pleated skirt, a pair of red knee-high boots, and a pair of white gloves. The suit is with a square blue collar and two big red bows separately on chest and waist of back. She wears a red choker, which has a small golden crescent moon on it and white-bordered red circular hairpieces (one on each odango), feather barrettes in her hair.

Top 2. Sailor Mercury

Sailor Mercury is one of the five original Inner Sailor Senshi of Solar System, who manipulates the power of water and ice. She wears a traditional Senshi fuku, but main color tone of her is light blue. The two bows on her suit are light blue. Her knee-high boots are navy blue with a white border. Her earrings, the gem on her tiara and choker are all blue.

Top 3. Sailor Mars

Sailor Mars is also the original member of Solar System. The power of her is from fire. Besides, she is good at psychic powers and spiritual powers. The topic color of her is red. Her earrings, tiara, choker and skirt are all red. The bow on her chest is in purple with a red heart on it, and the bow on back is red and lengthened. Unlike Sailor Moon and Mercury who wear boots, she wears a pair of red high heels.

Top 4. Mamoru Chiba/ Tuxedo Mask

Mamoru Chiba is the reincarnation of Prince Endymion and Sailor Moon’s lover. He always becomes Tuxedo Mask to fight with Sailor Senshi and protect them at times. He wears a wihte vintage shirt and a black tuxedo with a black cape, which is red inside when becoming Tuxedo Mask. He also wears a white mask to cover his eyes and a black top hat.

Top 5. Queen Beryl

Queen Beryl is the commander of the Dark Kingdom. She has long, curly fire-red hair, which is a powerful weapon to fight against others. Her yeas are orange with eyelids smeared in cocoa brown. She always wears a simple, form-fitting dark-purple off-the-shoulder dress, which the design of breast is specially shaped with black linings. She is also adorned with a forehead crest, shaped like a black, upside-down boomerang, with two white dots up and down, along with a turquoise stone wrapped around in gold strips and similar earrings.


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